Best Whiteboard Pens for Peak Productivity

Versatile and easy to clean, these markers are great when you need to make presentations.

When it comes to presenting to or working with a team, it’s hard to beat the whiteboard marker in versatility. Many whiteboard markers now come in a set with different colours so that you can really get your point across clearly. You can also get ones for the home that come with integrated magnets and wipers you can attach to your fridge. But there’s a surprising amount to think about when choosing the right marker for you. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Nib: The nib should always be your starting point when choosing a whiteboard marker. If it’s going to be used for presentations where the viewer is sitting far away, you’ll want a bullet nib, as these create thicker lines and are easy to write with. But for the home, a fine nib is much better. There’s also the chisel nib, which is best if you want to underline and highlight things.
  • Odour: While whiteboard marker pens should contain non-toxic ink, not all are odourless. This is because some use alcohol-based solvents in their formula, which can give some people a headache. If you’re sensitive to these smells, make sure you look for non-toxic and odourless marker pens—especially if they are going to be used by kids.
  • Formula: Another thing to think about when choosing whiteboard markers is whether they will stain your clothes. Most will come off easily with normal washing, but some can stain certain fabrics. If your kids have access to the markers or you just want to be extra careful it doesn’t end up on the upholstery, look for non-staining formulas.

Our Picks for the Best Whiteboard Pens on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Bic Velleda 1721 Ecolutions Whiteboard Pens

Non-Retracting Nib

This set uses odourless ink that’s easy to clean and is designed with children in mind. The bullet tip allows for more control. Bic

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Runner Up: STAEDTLER 351WP6 Lumocolour Whiteboard Marker with Bullet Tip

Locked Tip

These pens have a fast-drying formula and can be refilled for a more eco-friendly experience. The hues are vibrant, and they are low-odour. STAEDTLER

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Budget Pick: REQUISITE NEEDS White Board Marker Pens

Certified Non-Toxic

This item’s water-based ink is smear-proof and easy to wipe away. It was also designed to draw bold lines. REQUISITE NEEDS

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Also Consider: Paper Mate Low Odour Whiteboard Markers, Chisel Tip

Versatile Nib

These quick-drying, consistent pens can be stacked horizontally for easy storage. Can be used on most non-porous surfaces, including glass. Paper Mate

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