The Best Mini Fridges to Stay Cool in Any Situation

It’s easy to chill out with these mini fridges.

Fridges might have been a luxury in the U.K. until the 1960s, but 97 percent of households now have one. Their increasing popularity stems from the fact that they no longer have to take up a large amount of space in a kitchen—depending on the size, they can be set up pretty much wherever you want in the house. There are even mini fridges you can fit into a car, making them a highly versatile appliance. Read on for our guide to the best.

  • Size Matters: First off, you need to think about the size of the mini fridge you’re looking for, taking into consideration what you’re going to use it for and where it’s going to live. Do you want it as a permanent party fridge that can store plenty of cans or bottles in a den or garage, as a table top fridge for general use in a studio flat, or as a smaller portable model for days out? Will it fit the dimensions of the counter top you plan to keep it on or in the floorspace you have available? If it’s for a student room, will it fit in cramped conditions? You can still pack a big punch with a small fridge—most offer 50 to 65 watts of power, but an even higher wattage ensures powerful cooling.
  • Powering Up: Powering your mini fridge is another key factor. The main issue of concern is where it’ll be used—portable models can usually be kept running via car cigarette lights (though remember not to run your car battery down if the ignition is turned off), and others require a conventional plug. Some can even be powered via a USB cable, so you can take them on the go or power them up in your own home. The caveat here is that USB mini fridges tend to have a much lower capacity than those that are plugged in and are often able to only hold two to three drinks. This is ideal for a fridge kept on your desk or in the car, but if you want one with a higher capacity, you’ll be better off with a plug-in mini fridge
  • Layout and Extra Features: The internal layouts of mini fridges can vary massively. Some are like conventional fridges with shelves in the door for drinks bottles and other produce, some have a mini ice box, and others have one or two shelves that can usually be removed. If you’re after a drinks fridge for parties, finding a mini fridge with a glass door will enable you to see what’s available at a glance. You might also want to consider noise—the higher the decibel count, the noisier the appliance will be. As a rule of thumb, general home noise is rated as 40 decibels and anything less than this is considered quiet. Conventional size fridge freezers have a noise level of anything between around 32 to 47 decibels, but if you’ll be keeping your fridge in an office, consider one with a lower decibel.

Our Picks for the Best Mini Fridge on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Russell Hobbs Table Top Fridge

Reversible Door

This model is designed to sit on a work surface and has shelves on its opening, a removable shelf in the main storage area, an ice box, and an adjustable thermostat.
Russell Hobbs


Runner Up: Subcold Classic4 Small Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer

Low Noise

Weighing 2.5 kilograms, this super small model can be powered through the mains, cigarette lighters, or even a computer cable port. Has a removable shelf and door pocket. Subcold


Budget Pick: AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Litre/6 Can

Eco-Friendly Engineering

This petite appliance can keep food cold or hot. It has a carry handle, weighs just over two kilograms, and can be powered through vehicle cigarette lighters.


Premium Pick: Subcold Super50 LED – Mini Fridge Black

High Capacity

Can hold 55 330-milliliter cans and has three removable wire shelves, internal lighting, reversible safety glass door, and an adjustable thermostat. Comes in three colour options.


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