Best LED Strip Lights to Bring Colour to Your Home

Light up your life with these LEDs.

LED strip lights are a versatile way to update your home decor. Easy to install, these rainbow strings of lights can be attached to most surfaces in any room of the house. With a huge range of colours to choose from, adjustable brightness options and customisable modes, lightening up your flat or home is a breeze.

  • Music Sync: LED strip lights aren’t just for home decoration. You can use them to liven up parties too. If you’d like to create a nightclub in your own home, opt for lights that sync their movement to music. You can even control lights with your voice, setting them to change colour when they detect speech.
  • Controls: LED strip lights can be operated using the included remote control, allowing you to change colours or modes with just a few clicks. Many lights also have their own phone apps, or can be voice-activated with a smart assistant like Alexa. Once downloaded, you can use the apps to connect to your lights via Bluetooth and set up the options that would best fit your home.
  • Personalisation: You can customise the colour, brightness, saturation, and mode of your bulbs too, giving you choices like flashing lights, strobe, or a cool white glow for daily use. When shopping for LED strip lights, look at how many modes and colors are offered to ensure you can create the atmosphere you seek.

Our Picks for the Best LED Strip Lights on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Govee Lights

Most Customisable

Customise your look and make your decor work for you with this trimmable product. Easy to snip, size, and stick down in any room.

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Runner Up: Govee Alexa LED Lights

Smart Home Design

With voice control functions, app controls, and a music sync mode, this pick has all the high-tech options you could want and comes in two lengths to fit your space. govee

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Great for Parties: COOLAPA Lights

Colour Variety

This pick has a whopping 16 million hues to choose from, along with 20 dynamic modes and music sync to match any atmosphere, making it perfect for entertaining. COOLAPA

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Budget Pick: Pangton Villa Light Strips

Easy to Use

Use your phone or the included push-button control to program timings for this option, or turn on the microphone to sync it to music. The included self-adhesive tape sticks to nearly any surface.
Pangton Villa

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