How to Pick the Best Knitting Needles For Your Craft Project

Whether you’re a seasoned pro knocking up yet another jumper or you’re just starting your first scarf, here’s the kit you need.

Trying to find a new hobby? Look no further than knitting—there’s nothing like giving family and friends homemade gifts (to say nothing of being able to knit sweaters that fit just right). But before you can get started, make sure you pick up the best set of knitting needles. These days, you can choose from all manner of materials—from stainless steel to wood and plastic, as well as double ended needles and circular needles. Here’s what you need to know before making a purchase.

  • Wool: You can’t think about what needles you need without thinking about the wool that you are using. In order for your item to be the right shape and size, you need to have the right sized wool, and the right sized needles, so check your pattern first. As a general rule of thumb, the chunkier the wool, the chunkier the needles you’ll require.
  • Material: The material that your knitting needles are made of can affect how easy you find them to use. Generally bamboo needles are considered to be a good option for beginners as they’re a bit grippier than metal needles, which are good if you’re a speedy knitter as the wool slips over them very easily. Plastic needles sit somewhere between the two.
  • Pattern: Do double check what type of needle your pattern calls for. Traditional standard needles are used for something called flat knitting, which, as the name suggests generally results in flat pieces that can be stitched together. But you can also do circular knitting, or knitting in the round, using either a number of double ended needles or two needles joined by a cable. This type of knitting is what’s used for socks or to make a seamless tube, and it can also be used to make jumpers and sleeves.

Our Picks for the Best Knitting Needles on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: BCMRUN Knitting Needle Set

Variety Pack

This comprehensive collection has well-labelled metal pins in a wide range of dimensions, stitch markers, and a measuring device to neatly finish your project.

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Runner Up: Knitting Kits for Beginners


This set comprising three balls of cotton thread, wooden pins and patterns for four different designs of varying difficulty is great for those new to the art. Generic

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Budget Pick: LIHAO 36 Pcs Bamboo Knitting Needles Set

Smooth and Light

The material of this option has a bit of grip and the diameter of each is etched into the wood. These are also quieter than aluminum or plastic alternatives. LIHAO

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Also Consider: Knit Pro Fixed Circular Knitting Pins

Sizes Printed On

Also available in 12 other sizes from 2mm to 6mm, these metal needles, designed for knitting in the round, come colour coded so you can easily identify the ones you need. Knit Pro

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