Best False Eyelashes for Instant Glamour

Falsies to level up any makeup look.

Most of us dream of having long, luscious lashes, but no amount of mascara can achieve that alluring look we all love. A set of false lashes can get you that much-coveted look in no time. False eyelashes are now easier to apply than ever and the sheer number of options on the market mean you’ll soon find the ones that are perfect for you.

If you’ve never tried them before, remember to take some time to practice putting them on before you first wear them out – they can be tricky to apply at first but you’ll soon be a dab-hand. And once you’ve got the knack, there’s no going back.

  • Application Method: While glue is the tried-and-true method of getting on falsies, there are a variety of modern application methods that can make fake eyelashes easier to use. For those that are wary of glue, or like a seamless look, try out magnetic bands that simply connect together on both sides of your natural lashes. If you prefer a dramatic look and love eyeliner, magnetic liner is another option that can make your makeup routine that much more efficient.
  • Length: The length of your lashes depends on your lid space, personal preference, and overall makeup look. Those with a lot of lid space can opt for a more voluminous pair, while those with less should opt for a shorter style to avoid the lashes taking over your entire eye. We also recommend pairing fluffy, natural lashes with lighter makeup looks, and pulling out the dramatic pair for those nights with full glam.
  • Band Size: Depending on your comfort with false eyelashes, looking at the band size can help you determine the right style for you. Thin bands tend to look more natural, but can be a bit trickier to apply, while thicker bands are great for full-volume dramatic lashes. Our tip? Hide the band with some eyeliner to make any lashes look more natural.

Our Picks for the Best False Eyelashes on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit

For Every Occasion

With so many different styles to choose from, this set is perfect whether you simply want a natural look or full-on, fluttery party peepers. It also contains tools for easier application. Arishine


Great For Beginners: Eylure Strip False Lashes Texture No. 117

Simple And Elegant

A great starter-pair, these are light and wispy enough for you not to notice when you’re wearing them. And as they’re reusable, you can practice putting them on until it’s easy.


Easy Application: Arishine 5 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

Long Lasting Glamour

Lightweight and comfortable, with so many styles to choose from, these will suit any eyes. They can be reused multiple times and come with a handy tool that will help you place them perfectly. Arishine


Also Consider: Uliya False Eyelashes

Volume and Drama

This multi-pack is made with light synthetic fibers, for a soft yet glamorous feel that you can wear every day. It comes with a travel-sized applicator that you can bring with you on the go. Uliya


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