The Best Eyebrow Pencils for Face-Framing Brows

Tackle over-plucked or ill-defined brows with these smart yet simple solutions.

Who would have thought that eyebrows could make a fashion statement? Wearing them thick or thin has changed over the centuries (yes—the centuries). Today, full brows are in. But if you plucked out all your eyebrow hair in the early 2000s, fear not. If yours aren’t doing what you want them to do today, you can invest in an eyebrow pencil. Here’s how to pick the best eyebrow pencil for you.

  • Type: There are two main types of eyebrow pencils—mechanical ones that you twist up, and traditional pencils that you sharpen. Again, it’s about which you prefer, but if you’re obsessive about getting a superfine point, a pencil that you can sharpen might be a better choice. Mechanical pencils tend to come with an angled point, but this can wear down over time, affecting the shape. And, although you can get it back if you’re dextrous with a sharp knife, a sharpenable pencil can be easier to work with.
  • Hue: These days, eyebrow pencils come in an entire rainbow of shades. So how do you pick the best one for you? Experts say that trying to match it exactly to your hair colour can give an unnatural result. If you want your brows to look effortless, pick a shade a fraction lighter than your natural colour. For example, if you have black hair, you should opt for a darker brown pencil. If, however, you have very pale brows that need definition, opt for a slightly darker shade.
  • Different Methods: Eyebrow “pencils” aren’t always pencils. These days you can find a wide range of options for touching up your brows, from a fine brush and a pot of colour to mascara-style formulations. Some even come as brushes and pens with multiple nibs so you can easily draw in “individual hairs.” None are better or worse than the others. It really comes down to personal preference and whether you have a steady hand. Sometimes a combination of various products will make for the best brow.

Our Picks for the Best Eyebrow Pencils on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

Eight Colour Options

This provides a precise and creamy tip on one side and a tool for grooming and shaping on the other. Simply smooth the area and then draw in hair-like strokes.
NYX Professional Makeup

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Runner Up: Ruibisite Eyebrow Pencil

Easy to Apply

A four-tooth nib design allows you to draw in four individual hairs in a single stroke. Designed to last all day, it comes in four different colours.

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Budget Pick: Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil

Non-Sticky Formula

Available in three shades, this item is comfortable to wear, easy to sharpen, and comes with its own integrated tool to smooth, blend, and finesse your brow design. Rimmel

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Premium Pick: Amazon Brand Eye Brow Pencil With Kabuki & Eye Brow Mascara

Non-Sticky Formula

Counteract all that over-plucking with this pick that features tools that allow you to get creative and enhance your face. Comes in a delicious shade of brown. find.

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