Best Bedside Lamp: Add Style and Function to Your Space

Bedside lamps can instantly change a room. Here’s our guide to picking the right one.

Whether you’re using a bedside lamp to read in bed or just to illuminate the room, there are a few things to consider before you click “add to cart.”

  • Height and Size: Generally, your bedside tables should be the same height as your mattress, and a bedside lamp that’s ideal for reading will be about a couple of inches taller than your bedside table, reaching the height of your bed frame or hitting just under the top of it. For decorating reasons, if you have a big bed, you might want a bigger, heavier lamp to create balance in the room.
  • Switch Position: Since you’ll be switching these lights on or off regularly, possibly even while you’re lying in bed, the switch needs to be easily accessible. You don’t want to fumble around in the dark if you need to get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night, for example, and no one enjoys getting up just as they’ve found the perfect position to sleep.
  • Bulbs: The bulbs you choose for your bedside lamp go a long way in setting the mood in your room. You should never choose a bulb with a higher-than-recommended wattage for your lamp. But when it comes to determining the light’s appearance, you’ll want to look at its Kelvin number—lower means more yellow light, while higher means bluer light. Softer yellow light can be great for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your room, but bluer lights are ideal for bedside reading.

Our Picks for the Best Bedside Lamps on Amazon

Top Pick Overall: Auxmir Bedside Table Lamp

Top Pick Overall


Runner Up: TECKIN Touch Bedside Table Lamp

Multi-Functional and Durable

This family-friendly option is made with sturdy materials that are safe to use around babies and toddlers. DENWAY


Budget Pick: ABEDOE Wood Decorative Bedside Lamp

Unique and Energy-Saving

This glowing orb has a USB port and is available in two colors: gold and white. ABEDOE


Also Consider: Aooshine Dual USB Bedside Table Lamp

Convenient to Use

This item has a minimalist design and can power up your mobile devices. Aooshine


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