Yoga Mats for at Home Workouts or Studio Sessions

Perfect performance without compromising on comfort!

Yoga is the union of physical strength and mental wellbeing, and that comes from a solid foundation. Experts say that the easiest way to ensure you remain focused and mindful during your downward dogs is by choosing the right base before you begin your first pose. When you start to sweat while holding particularly challenging postures, it’s important to have a versatile exercise mat that will not slip or slide around the floor—so look for good quality, highly absorbent fabrics which are designed to stay as dry as possible during your yoga or pilates practices. Read on for our picks.

Strong Grip

No latex, no PVC, and no toxic or harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Double layer design is ideal for wooden or tiled floors, without being sticky. TOPLUS


Professional yoga mats should be made of high density fabric and at least 6mm thick to protect and support your joints. A mat with quick spring-back will also improve some postures.

Water Resistant

Thick cushioning makes this ideal for outdoor practice. Xn8 Sports


Look for durable non-slip material, as different levels of stickiness and sponginess will affect performance. Texture is crucial to provide traction and prevent sliding across the floor in bare feet or socks, and ensure you remain aligned.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Boost your health and overall wellbeing with this latex-free, phthalate-free option which gives superb support to any exercise regime. Proworks


Consider the weight of a mat if you are carrying it to and from classes, or even strapping it to a backpack for camping. Choose a yoga mat that is quick and easy to set up — one that unrolls easily and stays flat on the floor with no curling corners. Convenient strap holders will make storage and transport a breeze.