Remember when the height of cool was tinny headphones that leaked your favourite beats all over the bus? You probably don’t, but they’ve come a long way in the last 30 years. Whether your priority is to drown out the hubbub or up the bass, read on to find out how to treat your ears to the sounds they deserve.

Sleeps When You Do

These babies can last almost four full days. Edifier

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When choosing over-ear headphones, consider battery life as one of the key features. You might think constantly charging is fine—but when your device cuts out halfway through your favourite podcast or an important work call you might regret it. For most brands these days, you should be looking for 25 hours or more.

Forget the Outside World

If you want to block out all external clamour, then this is the device for you. Extended high frequencies give clarity and detail and there’s real fullness down low too. Soundcore

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Nothing beats over-ear headphones for providing a satisfying soundscape. But make sure you know what you want to use them for before you buy. Is noise-cancellation your main priority or does comfort trump sound? Do you want to be able to fold them away easily or will they never leave your head? Consider picking a pair with a carrying case if the former applies. 

Pick up and Pack up

Stretchable and easy to put away, these are a great multi-purpose option for all ages and all tastes. PowerLocus

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If your over-ear headphones purchase is with business in mind, then go for ones with a built-in microphone. Consider how easily you’ll be able to answer calls or switch between activity. Some come with a one-tap option and many have voice-activated controls built in.