Picture Frames to Give Your Walls That Gallery Feel

The inexpensive way to smarten up your interiors and elevate your artwork.

byCharlotte Marcus|
Picture Frames to Give Your Walls That Gallery Feel
Choose simple picture frames to let your artwork steal the show, or ornate frames that add further interest. Manja Vitolic, Unsplash

While ancient civilisations have been framing pictures for centuries, the addition of glass to picture frames is a relatively new evolution—and, to this day, you’ll still find that many works of art in galleries and museums are framed without glass. For your home, however, you may want to keep your precious artworks and photos encased. Here are the picture frames we recommend.

Ideally for bigger prints, this edgeless design is also available in a number of different sizes, and in multipacks of two, three, and five to hold a series of images.

You can’t beat clip frames for minimalism. Literally a sheet of glass with clips to hold it to the backing board, they’re relatively inexpensive and you can choose either to get one the exact size of the work you’re trying to frame, or get fancy with a mount. To avoid smaller items slipping in a larger frame, look for special adhesive stickers to hold them exactly where you want them (regular adhesives can leave marks.)

Shatterproof styrene and MDF create an elegant combination that will suit most interior decor.

When you’re looking at a frame, consider the glazing (the name for the stuff that sits in front of the picture). Very often you’ll find that instead of glass, it’s a clear plastic instead. This tends to make the frame lighter, and also less fragile when it’s being transported, but it’s worth bearing in mind that plastic is more susceptible to scratches.

This medium sized mount combines a 22mm ash effect moulding with Styrene glazing for an inexpensive but stylish framing solution.

If you’re framing something very special, and either valuable or irreplaceable, think about upgrading the glass or plastic to a form that includes a coating that protects the artwork from the damage caused by sunlight light. UV light from the sun can penetrate through windows and so, over time, sunlight can fade the colours of a picture. Mounting it behind a UV protective coating can help to preserve it for longer.