Pamper Yourself with UV Nail Lamps

Here’s how to get salon quality manicures at home.

byNadia Cohen| PUBLISHED Feb 2, 2021 6:25 PM
Pamper Yourself with UV Nail Lamps
Don’t be afraid to go for a bold design—make sure it doesn’t chip with one of these UV nail lamps. Pexels

When you can’t get out to a salon, treat yourself to an expert manicure or pedicure without leaving the house. Home UV lamps are compatible with all your favourite salon gel nail polish brands, such as OPI, Essie, Gelish, and CND Shellac. They can also be used to remove gels smoothly, avoiding brittle or dry nails caused by picking away at chipped varnish or peeling layers. The same state of the art lamps which you are likely to find in any local nail bar have energy efficient LED bulbs carefully positioned to ensure even light distribution, and to prevent unwanted rays from going elsewhere and causing unwanted skin damage. Fixed preset timers ensure accurate results at each of the different drying stages of your nail treatment. And USB chargers allow for easy travel portability, while easy to follow instructions guarantee great results. Let’s get started!

Pro Choice
Combining the best of UV and LED lamp technology means shortened drying time, with no risk of overheating or damaging your nails or skin.

Make sure the lamp kit comes with everything you need, so there are no additional products to be purchased later. It should be wide enough to fit your whole hand or foot inside, so you don’t need to do the treatment in time consuming stages—but still small enough to store easily.

Perfect Home Starter Pack
Comes with six elegant neutral shades.

To ensure a high quality finish, the first thing you need to do is stock up on a few essential supplies, such as cuticle scissors and nail files. A gel base and top coat will give that all important gleaming finish once the polish has been hardened by the high tech curing light. If it has a USB charging port, the lamp can be easily connected to your computer or phone charger.

Best Budget Buy
Versatile USB port charger makes it perfect for touch ups on the go.

Most lamps have built-in timers to let you know when exactly you should start reapplying coats of polish, and when your nails are dry, ensuring you’re left with a glossy, smudge-free finish. Look for a lamp with touch-free sensors so that it turns on automatically when you insert your hand, and off when you go in for another coat.