Hand Blenders for Quick and Easy Mixing

Mix things up with ease using a hand blender.

byNadia Cohen| PUBLISHED Feb 19, 2021 2:48 PM
Hand Blenders for Quick and Easy Mixing
Whip up delicious smoothies, bowls, and purées with a hand blender. Madison Inouye, Pexels

Revolutionise the way you eat fruits and vegetables every day, by blitzing them into healthy juices and shakes, purees and creamy sauces. Adjustable speeds allow you precision in any recipe, ensuring fast food prep without any messy splashing. Stainless steel blades chop and slice ingredients efficiently—even chunks of ice ready for cocktail hour.

Family Friendly
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Convenient detachable shaft makes cleaning simple and safe, while two speeds ensure splash free blitzing.

Take the heavy lifting out of feeding your family with this essential kitchen gadget which will quickly expand your recipe repertoire by opening up new and exciting ways to prepare ingredients.

Labour Saver
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600 watt built-in engine and turbo function makes light work of a multitude of kitchen tasks, from crushing ice to mincing meat and even chopping nuts.

A powerful blender is an invaluable time saving device which removes all the hassle that comes with pulling out and cleaning a full size countertop food mixer.

Robust Design
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Four sleek blades perform with enough oomph to blast through even the toughest raw ingredients, including solid chunks of ice, nuts or rock hard root vegetables.

Whip up impressive healthy meals, delicious dips and breakfast smoothies in no time with a multi tasking blender designed with multi-tasking chefs in mind. No more aching arms from all that whisking, chopping, beating and blending!