Forget a burning tea light heating essential oils from below to gently fragrance a room. The newest generation of diffusers use ultrasonic power to vaporise fragrance into the air, and also double as mood lighting. These are the essential oil diffusers we like to relax with.

Most Comprehensive

This ultrasonic device has a 15 hour runtime, plus a feature that allows you to set it for specific periods of time. With six scented tinctures accompanying, it contains all you need to get started. Homasy

While old-school essential oil diffusers used to work by heating the essential oil until it evaporated, giving off fragrance, the latest ones use ultrasonic waves that break the mixture of water and essential oils up into very fine particles that are released in a mist. Modern humidifiers work in the same way, but they tend to have larger tanks to allow them to release more water into the air.

Sleekest Look

With LEDs in a range of shades to help create a cosy, relaxing, or energising environment, this low-noise device can be set using the three-hour timer, or left overnight on the extended setting. VicTsing

The length of time that your oil diffuser is able to run for is dictated both by the size of the water tank, and the rate at which it puts out mist. The manufacturer should be able to give you a guideline for the maximum run time, but generally a larger tank means it will be able to work continuously for longer, without requiring a refill. Most have a safety feature which means that they automatically switch off when they run out of water.

Largest Capacity

Set the hue and the brightness of the illumination, as well as choose from two mist modes. Also available in a WiFi connected format that allows you to control it from your smartphone. ASAKUKI

 It’s worth noting that while with a traditional oil diffuser you might get the odd crackle of a flickering candle wick, with an ultrasonic one you get a gentle hum and the bubbling of water. While some people find this relaxing, for others it’s a distraction. If you fall into the latter camp, one solution can be to set the diffuser running in your bedroom with the door closed for an hour or so before you go to bed so the room fills with fragrant moist air, and then you can switch it off over night.