Electric Tea Kettles For Hot Water and Tea Quickly

Brew a perfect cuppa in a matter of minutes.

byEllen College|
Electric Tea Kettles For Hot Water and Tea Quickly
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No kitchen is complete without an electric kettle (ideally one that matches the toaster), but gone are the days of waiting around while the water boils. Today’s tea kettles are slick and speedy, reaching the right temperature in seconds. Here’s what to look for. 

With a ridged texture design and available in a range of bright, eye-catching colours, this upscale choice has both form and function, heating 6-8 cups of water rapidly.

If you’re the sort of person making multiple pots of tea or coffee every day, unplugging the kettle to fill it every time likely gets frustrating. Look for cordless kettles that sit on a base and allow you to move around freely, kettle in hand. Once they’re filled and on the base, simply flip the switch to turn it on.

This super-smart model has a digital function allowing you to program the heat you desire from a list of six options to make the perfect cup of green, white, or black tea.

Think kettles only heat up to boiling point? Not so, anymore. A new range of smarter kettles offer the ability to heat water to a specific temperature—perfect for those tea aficionados who know that not every leaf benefits from being submerged at boiling point. 

Modern Classic Design
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Boiling one cup of water in just 45 seconds, this efficient, sleek selection is made to pour perfectly and eliminate spills.

Kettles all have a tendency to collect limescale inside, but those used in a hard water area will collect more. If you live in such an area, it’s helpful to find a kettle with a built-in filter to reduce limescale, and keep any debris out of your drinks.