Whether your pet needs mental stimulation, something to exhaust them, or just something to chew that won’t get them into trouble, there’s a toy to suit their needs. Take a look at what’s on offer…

Brain Teaser

Sophisticated game that demands twisting, pushing, and pulling to release edible rewards. Outward Hound

Dogs are a lot like humans in that nothing incentivises them to play like an edible treat. So if you want your pooch’s play to exercise their brain—and to get them into the habit of realising that they have to work for their treats—a puzzle-style toy that they have to solve before being automatically rewarded by a snack is ideal. Just look for one that allows you to step up the difficulty, or change the predictability so that it has more longevity.

Budget Pack

Collection of durable playthings for your pooch in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and textures.

Chew toys don’t just help to create a bond between you and your pet as you play tug-o-war, or protect your soft furnishings and shoes from getting chomped. They can also improve your dog’s dental health as they help to massage their gums and clean their teeth.

Saves Your Furniture

A selection pack of ten different rope and rubber play items that will help maintain your canine’s dental health. Fortrehui

Let’s be honest, even the toughest toys are going to give up the ghost after a daily chewing. Think about buying a set of several so that when the odd one gets lost in the park, or loved to death, you have a replacement to hand. It usually brings down the cost per toy as well.