Colouring Pencils to Bring Out the Artist in You

Why let the kids have all the fun when you can be drawing a rainbow too? Let these colouring pencils offer you some inspiration.

byCharlotte Marcus|
Colouring Pencils to Bring Out the Artist in You
From doodling to note-taking, a fresh set of colouring pencils is sure to keep you occupied. Zany Jadraque, Unsplash

Whether you’ve got children that you want to keep occupied, want to try relaxing with adult colouring books, or have a nascent artist inside that you want to nurture, colouring pencils can be an inexpensive and rewarding pathway. Here are some examples of what’s on offer.

Twelve sets of twelve coloured pencils with 3mm lead sitting within a 7mm hexagonal barrel. Also available in other pack sizes, ranging from 12 pencils to 500.

Basic colouring pencils can be very inexpensive, but if you want to avoid children squabbling over who gets to use the orange, or avoid the frustration of not being able to draw grass because the green has fallen through the floorboards, bulk buying could be the answer. Many sets, especially those designed for schools, are available in multiples that work out less expensive than buying an individual set several times over. So, for example, you’ll get twelve of each colour, meaning you can hand out a set to each child, and keep the rest in reserve for emergencies.

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Made from Wopex, a material that uses sawdust from the timber industry, these pencils, a set of 24 different colours, come with a non-slip rubberised surface and hard-wearing leads.

Not all colouring pencils are created equal. If you’re serious about the works that you’re producing, you want to look for artist-grade pencils. These tend to be more expensive, but the pigments are higher quality than those that you’ll find in pencils designed for children. They are also meant to be more lightfast so that they won’t fade as much when exposed to sunlight. Artist-grade pencils tend to have a wider range of colours than those aimed at children.

More than a hundred different shades are arranged in three different colour families in this extensive package.

If you want true versatility from your pencils, look out for watercolour, or water-soluble colouring pencils. While they can be used dry, like normal colouring pencils, they can also be used in conjunction with a damp paintbrush to make the colours more vibrant, or to blend colours together.