If you’ve got a stand-offish feline, you won’t be surprised to learn that far from being captured by humans, cats are thought to have domesticated themselves. They were initially drawn to settlements because humans that planted crops also attracted mice, a great source of food for the then wild cats. But if yours has evolved so much it won’t leave the house, these litter tips are exactly what you need.

Non-Clumping Formula

A blend of antibacterial quartz and limestone that draws in moisture quickly and effectively, and doesn’t need bleach to maintain its pristine colour. Catsan

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 Clumping cat litter is designed so that when it gets wet or dirty it clumps together and so it can be easily removed without having to change the entire litter tray. Non-clumping litter tends to be less expensive but can mean you have to empty the entire tray more frequently. Oh, and, even if it says it’s flushable, don’t. Toilet systems are designed to cope with waste and paper—litter can cause real problems.

Dust-Free Solution

Made from whole kernel corn with no artificial fragrance, this quick-clumping, easy-scooping, lightweight formulation also comes in a small 14lb bag. World’s Best Cat Litter

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Whether you buy scented or unscented cat litter is entirely down to personal preference. Some people opt for odour neutralisers that can smell less synthetic than artificial fragrance, but still have an odour-absorbing capacity. Work out what works best for you and your pet—and always use an insulating sheet under the tray if you have underfloor heating, as nobody wants to warm the contents of a litter tray!

From Recycled Materials

Highly absorbent, non-clumping pellets made from 100% biodegradable wood, this has no additives or glues and is a dust-free option for your home. Pettex

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Again, the composition of your cat litter is entirely down to you. Many are made from natural clay, sand, limestone, and quartz, although this can mean they generate some dust which your cat can spread around the house. Recycled wooden pellets are another option, which can be less dusty, but users claim that occasionally screws or nails can find their way into the pellets too.