Casserole Dishes with Lids for Flavourful Family Meals

A must for lovers of one-pot recipes.

Casseroles are super versatile as they can be used to make hearty soups or stews pot roasts or sauces—the list goes on. Choose a hard wearing pan that maximises practicality and minimises the washing up.Some cast iron options may appear an expensive option at first glance but a dish that will last for decades is a shrewd investment worth making.

Batch Meal Prep

The shallow style makes it perfect for stews and roasts. Dawsons Living


Pick the most suitable colour to ensure it compliments your kitchen design. Look for a tight fitting lid with a decent sized handle which allows it to be removed with ease. Check the weight as cast iron can be very heavy when full.

Heats Quickly

Dishwasher safe with a tough non-stick coating and self basting lid to help keep moisture locked inside—ideal for slow cooked recipes. MasterClass


Check the dimensions as most casseroles should have a large enough capacity to feed the entire family if necessary, and maybe even have leftovers to stash in the fridge!

Compact Style

This product is tough to beat. Resistant to stains and scratches, and does not retain strong odours or flavours. Microwave, fridge & freezer safe. Dishwasher proof, and guaranteed for ten years. Pyrex


Seek out a design with a reputation for long-term performance. Ideally you want a dish that will distribute heat evenly across its surface which is essential when the recipe calls for simmering on a low heat. Handles do not have to be heat proof, but should be a practical shape for gripping as you lift it in and out the oven.