Three Ingredients to Look For When Buying a Moisturiser

Hydrating, soothing creams that will restore your skin to health.

byCharlotte Marcus|
Three Ingredients to Look For When Buying a Moisturiser
Smooth on a nourishing moisturiser for glowy, plumped up skin. Pexels/Sora Shimazaki

Yes, it’s true, most moisturisers are a blend of oil and water, but don’t believe the sceptics who say that that’s all they are. They also include clever ingredients designed to help do all manner of things, from soothing irritation, to helping attract water to the skin. Don’t worry, this isn’t about blinding you with science—here’s a quick guide to three ingredients you might want to keep an eye out for.

With three essential ceramides to help protect the skin’s natural barrier, this gentle product, also available in a larger one liter size, hydrates without feeling greasy.

Ceramides—you might not have heard of them but they are a type of lipid (or fat) that occurs naturally in the skin and they’re particularly important for maintaining the skin’s barrier function. Irritation and inflammation can mean your own ceramides need a bit of artificial help, and that’s where a ceramide-containing moisturiser comes in.

Clinically proven to hydrate for 24 hours, this unscented, oat-based cream absorbs easily and provides immediate and long-lasting care.

Who knew your breakfast cereal could be so good for the skin? But it’s true, oats have anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties that are great for soothing skin suffering from skin irritations, and it’s an ingredient that can usually be tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.

An oil-free jelly-like formulation that attracts moisture to your face and keeps it there, giving you a healthy glow.

Hyaluronic acid (or HA) might sound scary but again, it’s something that occurs naturally in your skin. Think of it as a tiny but might sponge that can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water. In skincare, that translates to an ingredient that can attract moisture to the skin, helping to plump it up and give it that healthy, dewy glow.