Electric Toothbrushes for a Sparkling Smile

Brush up your technique.

byNadia Cohen| PUBLISHED Mar 23, 2021 3:22 PM
Electric Toothbrushes for a Sparkling Smile
Get your full two minutes of brushing in with an electric toothbrush.

After ditching your manual toothbrush, the choice can be overwhelming at first. But find the perfect electric toothbrush for your needs, and ultimately it will be much less painful and cost effective to prevent a dental problem than to treat one.

Enhanced pressure sensor signals whether you are scrubbing too hard or too softly, to ensure perfect performance.

Genius built-in tools like timers and special brushing modes will help make the most of these modern gadgets. Some are specially designed for deep cleans, while others are best suited for sensitive chompers.

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Handy colour fade bristles to remind you to change the head, and USB charger makes this an ideal choice to keep in the office or take on vacations.

 Look for a brush with several different speeds to thoroughly clean gums or braces, and deliver all round performance. Most dentists recommend selecting a brush with soft bristles rather than firm, as hard bristles can damage your enamel.

Removes up to ten times more plaque than a manual model.

Look for different brushing modes—in particular, oscillating movements. Oscillating heads can offer up to 8,000 brush strokes per minute, providing a clean far superior to that of an analog toothbrush.