The Best Desk Lamp to Lighten Up Your Life

These desk lamps will help you to keep focused.

byKen Walters| UPDATED Apr 23, 2021 9:34 PM
The Best Desk Lamp to Lighten Up Your Life
Let there be light!. Tatiana Lapina, Unsplash

If you’ve spent any time working or reading without the right light, you know what a drag it can be on your eyes, not to mention your concentration. The right lighting can increase your productivity but you also want the right design to match your decor and not cause clutter. Desk lamps are not just about the light some have features to charge your phone or hold your device for video calls. Many also include multiple options for brightness and dimming settings to match your mood. How do you find the right mix of function and design? Here are our top picks.

Top Pick
The dimmer slide gives you the perfect light, which it will remember every time. The adjustable design allows you to cast light where you need it. It also comes with USB charging to power your devices.

The right desk lamp is a simple product that can make a huge difference to your room.  You want to choose something that fits your needs and will be long-lasting. A good option is to have a lamp with multiple settings so you can adjust the level of light you need at various points throughout the day.

Also Consider
If space is an issue, this is one of the thinnest models out there. For ease of use, the touch sensor switch has three levels of brightness.

If you have a small desk or if it happens to be cluttered, one thing to look out for when choosing a desk lamp is the size of the base. A slim design can save you space while still letting off plenty of light. If you have more room or a larger desk, a weighted base ensures your lamp won’t move if you bump the table. Along with the desk lamp, decorating your desk with a 5 gallon fish tank kit is a great way to add some life and color to your work area.

Packed with Features
This model offers 50 choices of lumination: five light temperatures at 10 levels of brightness. The LED bulb gives a clean, steady glow with no flickering.

A good thing to look for is an adjustable neck that can cast light exactly where you need it. A flexible neck can also target the light to not disturb anyone else in the room. Products with an auto shut-off function can help save energy when you work too late and fall asleep. 

Great Value
The smart touch sensor control provides three different settings. Powers and props up your device so you have easy access for video calls or screen time.
Sleek Design
This product has an auto-off function in case you fall asleep to save energy. There are multiple settings to adjust to your needs whether working, studying, or relaxing.