The Best Keepsake Boxes for Women

Being sentimental never looked so pretty.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
The Best Keepsake Boxes for Women
The handle makes this one convenient for sharing memories on visits with loved ones. Waahome
Give your loved one a special gift to hold their most special possessions. Getty Images Getty Images

From concert tickets to love notes, vacation trinkets and matchbooks from a favorite restaurant—the little mementos we choose to hold onto might be small but they hold major meaning. Finding a place of honor for these treasures is important to keep them from getting misplaced or mixed up. The stylish solution is a keepsake box that you can take out for a trip down memory lane whenever the mood strikes. Here are a few standouts where the box is as unique as the items you’re preserving. Bonus: A keepsake box also makes the perfect gift for the tough-to-shop-for sentimentalists in your life.

The handle makes this one convenient for sharing memories on visits with loved ones.

Made of wood and featuring a beautiful pink butterfly and flower design complete with a leather handle and trim—this keepsake box is as functional as it is decorative. At over 7 inches long and over 5 inches wide, it can easily hold a variety of cards, jewels and knickknacks. From the bride-to-be needing a place of honor for wedding mementos to the sweet girls in your life that love holding on to every little thing they deem a “treasure,” this box will please all.

Pachelbel’s best-known (and tear-jerking) work is the soundtrack of this pick.

This lush, rosewood-finished keepsake box does more than store precious memories—it inspires with artwork featuring uplifting proverbs and brings joy by playing music (“Canon in D”) when opened. The music-playing mechanism is visible through the glass on the inside of the box while the inside cavity is lined with black velvet to perfectly protect any type of treasured item. And if you enjoy mixing up the aesthetics in your home, the box top doubles as a photo frame. Just replace the artwork with a picture that better represents the sentiments being stored inside.

The perfect gift for friends and family you’ve shared the most memories with.

Who better to share life’s most precious moments with than your friends? This keepsake box is truly special, from the “Friends Are Life’s Greatest Gifts” sentiment etched on the top down to the handcrafted, Moroccan-tiled design. The hinged lid and vintage latch closure plus the 3 x 3 inch cavity is lined with black velvet for extra charm. Gift yourself this box to store souvenirs from time with your besties—or stay connected to your closest pals by sending them this gift.