Women’s Jean Shorts You’ll Want to Live In

Seriously, they go with anything.

The perfect pair of jean shorts is a go-to wardrobe staple that makes picking out outfits a no-brainer. Read on to find our favorite denim picks.

Retro Fit

A high waist is flattering on every figure. Levi’s


High rise shorts cinch in the waist and add the perfect amount of coverage when paired with a crop top, or buttoned up over bikini bottoms. They also create the illusion of longer legs.

Edgy Look

Pair these with a half-tucked, oversize flannel for a rocker-chic look. MODARANI


If you ever had a parent yell at you for the number of holes in your jeans, the chances of you translating that rebellious style to your favorite shorts is high. Shredded shorts pack a punch of attitude, and look just as relaxed as your favorite distressed jeans.

Updated Bermuda

Perfect for taller women or high-activity days. Levi’s


If you plan to do a lot of running around with the kids, or bending over to tend to your blossoming herb garden, Bermuda shorts are the most practical option. A fitted silhouette and light wash keep them stylish.

Distressed Pair

The stretchy material hugs your curves. vanberfia


It’s the curvy woman conundrum: denim shorts that are too tight and restrictive in the hips, thigh and booty, but have an unflattering gap in the waist. Shorts with stretch mold to your figure, and they feel as comfortable as loungewear.