What to Look for in Ankle Boots for Women

Prioritize fashion and function.

byCarrie Saum|
What to Look for in Ankle Boots for Women
Get to stompin’!. Chelsea Francis, Unsplash

Ankle boots are a cold weather staple in most closets. But if you’ve ever slipped a bootie on, you know they are not all created equal. Some are perfect for stomping around sleet-streaked sidewalks, while others are better suited for sitting at the office. Regardless of the style you choose, you can have a cute, fashionable boot that also feels comfortable and will last for years to come with proper care. Here’s what to look for.

Fleece lined, watertight and durable. Rubber lower half and leather upper, rustproof eyelets.

When you’re shopping for a great ankle boot, consider what kind of weather you will wear them in. Do you need a boot that’s super warm and lined in fleece or fur? Or do you want to wear them in milder temps as well? Because most boots are meant to be worn in cooler weather, they typically have some amount of water resistance. But if you live in a wet climate, finding a pair that is truly waterproof is worth the effort to keep your feet dry. Take note: skip leather boots if you plan to wear them in saltwater conditions. The salt will dry out the leather and compromise the weatherproofing.

Fashionable Durability
Stylish Non-Slip
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Features dual metal zippers for chic, easy wearing. Stacked heel, non-slip sole and leather upper.

Staying cute in an ankle boot is important, which means paying attention to the construction of the sole. Nothing is less cute than slipping and sliding your way down a hill or across a wet sidewalk. Make sure that your shoe has a non-slip sole to ensure your safety in all weather conditions.

Watertight Construction
Rugged Style
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Cushioned heel bed for long wear, wide toe box and waterproofed leather upper. Rubberized sole with extra traction for slippery conditions.

There are three styles of boots: slip-on, zippered and lace-up. Depending on your preference and mobility needs, each one has its own pros and cons. Slip-on booties are convenient and perfect for taking on and off quickly, but might have a looser fit. Zippered boots fit snugly and can also be quick to pull off and on—just make sure you choose a pair with sturdy metal zips that can handle hard wearing. Lace-up boots can present a challenge if you are pressed for time or find it difficult to tie, but certainly give the best adjustable fit that makes wearing them for long periods of time more comfortable.