The most comfortable sandals for women

When comfort meets style, it’s always a step in the right direction.

byJordi Lippe-McGraw| PUBLISHED Jul 16, 2019 5:56 PM
The most comfortable sandals for women
These boast a modern yet ergonomic design. Amazon

As the weather warms up, everyone wants to get outside more and needs the proper footwear to make those outings pleasant. It's for that very reason sandals—arguably the most breathable option—are the shoe style of choice during the hotter months or while on a tropical vacation. The problem is not all of them are particularly comfortable; thin soles and no arch support are unfortunately common finds at the store. Or, even if you do find a comfy pair, they're not always the most stylish.

Luckily, some sandals are a perfect combination of the two desires. But where do you find them? You’ll be happy to know we researched for you. Below are our favorites on the market.


These boast a modern yet ergonomic design.

The sleek modern design of this sandal pairs perfectly with any outfit, from jeans while running errands to a skirt for date night. What’s more, is that it’s one of the most ergonomically-designed shoes, too. They were specifically created to prevent hip and muscle imbalances, fix knock-knee and bow-legs, and realign your skeletal system for correct posture. No nerves are getting pinched, and there is no need for orthotics. Bonus: they come in several color options and are all made of vegan leather.

Plaka Flat Sandals

The braided detailing is perfect for that boho look.

After buying a pair of comfortable, stylish shoes while on vacation in the small town of Plaka on the island of Crete, the brand designers wanted to share their find with the world. So, they decided to create a version of their own. The result is a pair of sandals you won’t take off all summer. The soles are made of cushiony rubber while the hand-braider upper is made of stretchy nylon straps that promote blister-free walking. Plus, their boho-style is ideal for that beach wedding and the water-resistant materials make them perfect for a kayak outing. With 14 available colors—black, brown, taupe, turquoise and gray, to name a few—it’s impossible not to find a shade you love. In fact, they might be the only pair of shoes you have to wear all season or bring with you on your next getaway.

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flop

Some claim these are the most comfortable flip flops ever.

When shoes are made out of real yoga mats, you know they have to be comfortable. Yes, the squishy lightweight sandal is made from the same foam as a yoga mat, meaning each step should feel zen-like. And the strap that goes in between the toes is made out of soft fabric, so they never get irritated. Although they’re certainly more functional than fashionable, these sandals are great for everyday tasks and outdoor leisure activities. Like the others on the list, these come in a variety of strap colors with a contrasting underside pattern. Some even have color detailing in the sole, adding extra flair.