Say Hello to Your New Favorite Leggings

Don’t try to tell us they’re not pants.

In a universe of pants, with their too-tight buttons and restrictive zippers and top stitching that rubs against our skin, we need something a little more forgiving. Enter the world of leggings, which we still consider pants, only 100 times softer, stretchier and kinder on our bodies. Here are some top picks.

Brushed Fabric

Available in every shade, from terracotta to lilac. Colorfulkoala


Leggings get their signature sleek, stretchy looks from brushed fabric. Most styles are made from single brushed poly-spandex, which means they have a soft fuzz on the outside and are smooth on the inside. Double-brushed fabric means both sides are coated in pillowy fuzz, and is preferred for colder climates or maximum snuggliness.

Abstract Prints

Stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric makes this pair workout-ready. Dragon Fit


If you want to work out in your leggings, look for a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that soaks up sweat and lets your skin breathe. Spandex, also known as Lycra or elastane, moves with your body. Nylon stretches too, but it’s a little stronger than spandex, so pick a pair with both to avoid a wardrobe malfunction mid-squat.

Wide Range of Sizes

Made for movement, in sizes XS to 3XL. IUGA


For maximum flexibility, a gusset at the crotch is key (no, we did not come up with that terminology). A gusset is a triangular panel of fabric that makes tight clothing less restrictive. It also helps protect against rubbing and chafing.

Basic Black

These feel silky smooth. CRZ YOGA


Polyamide refers to a variety of fabrics composed of long fibers. It can be naturally occurring fabric, like wool, or synthetic, like nylon. Synthetic polyamides wick away moisture and stretch easily. To extend their lifespan and minimize the environmental impact of purchasing and washing synthetic fibers, hand wash instead of tossing in the machine.

Also Consider

Affordable Option

Stash your keys and cards in the inner compartment, and your phone on the outside. Heathyoga


Mid-calf Length

A 24-inch inseam means these won’t drag past the ankles. Core 10