The Best Cozy Pajama Pants for Women

Consider these your daytime pajamas.

byCarrie Saum| PUBLISHED Aug 24, 2020 8:00 PM
The Best Cozy Pajama Pants for Women
Your morning reading outfit just got a whole lot cuter. Pexels

Pajama pants aren’t just for sleeping. They’re also great for lounging, doing small projects around the house and just enjoying time at home. When you can’t be bothered to wear real pants, these are the pairs you should reach for.

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A poly-cotton blend makes these bottoms lightweight and breathable.

Even if you’re just spending the day indoors, looking and feeling cute can brighten your mood. Look for a pair of lounge pants in a cheerful color or pattern to get the day started on a high note.

Thin, breathable stretch fabric makes these ideal for low impact stretching and exercise, as well as relaxing.

If you want to be ready to turn your lounge time into your workout time, look for a pair of pants that are lightweight and super stretchy. This allows you to move with ease while staying cool and comfortable.

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These loungers have great stretch, and maintain their shape even after multiple washes.

Jersey stretch fabric is used for everything cozy and comfortable. Bed sheets, t-shirts, hoodies and definitely lounge pants—the fabric is 100% cotton and offers stretch as well as breathability.

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Elasticized cuffs keep these from dragging on the ground, and a drawstring waistband lets you further adjust the fit.

If warmth is what you look for in a pair of lounging pants, consider a typical sweatpant style made from French terry cloth.