Meet Your New Favorite Pair of High-Waisted Leggings

Leggings are the new pants! Here’s how to find the pair that’s right for you.

Once upon a time, fashion addicts wouldn’t be caught dead in leggings. Now the comfy bottoms are the official uniform of anyone who prizes comfort and flexibility above all else, and with so many brands making them, leggings come in styles fit for even the most finicky fashionistas. There’s an embarrassment of riches out there, and we’ve picked the best pair for every activity (including no activity at all).

The Classic

Buttery soft fabric and a flatlock construction minimize chafe while you exercise—and these come in every color of the rainbow. Colorfulkoala


Longer than capris and shorter than full-lengths, a ⅞ or ankle style is ideal for a full range of motion during workouts and yoga. Look for options with pockets for a place to stash your license or debit card.

Budget Buy

This affordable option comes in an array of styles and shades. Buy one for the couch in the TV room, another for bed…you get the idea. SATINA


Though most leggings are laundry-safe, hand-washing them in cold water, then hang-drying will prolong their life and prevent unsightly pilling. It’s worth the extra work!

Work Ready

Fooled you! This pull-on pair is such a good dupe for jeans, no one will know you’re rocking four-way stretch Lyssé


The athleisure boom means people wear leggings everywhere, but sometimes you don’t want your bottoms to look like leggings. Opt for jeggings when the mood strikes: They get their rigid-denim appearance from strategically placed pockets and seams.

Whimsical Buy

Okay, spotlight lover, we see you. If you dream in Lisa Frank, choose this pair, which comes in every design imaginable, including, yes, unicorns and butterflies. Leggings Depot


Leggings with a cute pattern or print can be part of any outfit—for everyone. More and more designers have gotten the inclusion memo: Some brands go up to 5X and offer waistband-thickness options for maximum comfort.

Perfect Fit

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding something you like, only to discover that sizes stop at 12. These moisture wickers go up to a 3X and feature a drop-in pocket at the back for your cell phone. Core 10


Consider buying multiple sizes to find your perfect fit. Leggings should be snug at the tush, thighs and calves but not dig in at the waist or cause discomfort. When you find a pair that feels like a second skin, you’ve struck gold.