Fleece Sweatshirts That Keep You Warm, Cozy and Stylish

Wrap yourself in a toasty cloud of comfort.

byCarla Sosenko| PUBLISHED Oct 1, 2020 6:29 PM
Fleece Sweatshirts That Keep You Warm, Cozy and Stylish
Keep it cute (and toasty!). Unsplash/Daniel Silva Gaxiola

Fleece has come a long way, baby. A variety of patterns, sheens and piles (i.e. fabric length) means there’s a style for everyone, whether you’re an outdoor junkie or just want something comfy and cool to throw on when you’re running out to grab a coffee.

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This style’s name translates to “little bear,” and that’s what you’ll feel like in the high-sheen, high-pile collared option from a trusted name in winter gear.

Know your fleece types! Raschel has a silky feel; sherpa is fluffy and looks like sheep’s wool; polar fleece, which is the most common, has a soft, velvety nap.

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This 100% polyester collared style, which runs up to a 3X, features the brand’s proprietary maximum-thermal-retention filament to keep you toasty.

Think about whether you plan to wear your fleece on its own or under a coat. If you’ll be using it as a layering piece, go for something thin and less bulky, preferably in a zip-up style so it’s ebay to shimmy on and off.

Extra Fluffy
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The sherpa fabric has a shaggy pile for super-cozy vibes. A variety of colors and patterns—from neutrals to stars to camo—offers something for every comfort seeker!

When choosing a fleece, consider the little things: Do you want a hood? Are pockets crucial? Are pockets with zippers important (i.e. are you going to be hiking or doing anything else that could make stuff fly out)? A fleece pull-on will be your go-to staple for chilly-but-not-too-chilly days, so make sure yours has everything you need.