Cozy Up in These Cute and Comfy Robes

Relaxation ready with the tie of a belt.

byAnna Davies| PUBLISHED Sep 10, 2020 6:09 PM
Cozy Up in These Cute and Comfy Robes
A face mask and a luxe bathrobe? What more could anyone want?. Pexels/Anna Shvets

Your robe is utilitarian, sure. But the right robe can make you feel great getting ready, and can be cute to wear as you unwind in the PM. Thinking about how you’ll use the robe, who will see it (in-laws coming over to visit? You’ll want max coverage) and what attributes are important (hello, pockets!) can help you choose the best option for you.

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Blend of easy-wash materials are soft and supple, with a drawstring closure and knee length.

A robe doesn’t need to signal bedtime. Look for one in bright patterns as a dress alternative on days when you may be staying in. Wearing a robe all day can be ideal for nursing moms or people who want to avoid buttons, snaps, and closures that may slow you down or feel uncomfortable.

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XS to 5X sizes offer maximum versatility; inner ties allow for maximum comfort and peace of mind that your wrap won’t come undone.

A bathrobe with inner ties adds extra security. A hood can also be a great option to keep your head warm if you’re not planning to dry your hair right away.

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Luxe style made with machine washable material; includes pockets to keep your hands cozy.

Rather than relying on a towel that easily slips off, a basic bathrobe can be easier to wear while getting ready. Look for options with pockets. They can be great for holding your phone or anything else you may need to hold onto while getting ready in the AM.

Breathable Fabric
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Ideal for warmer temps with a close-tie design, the V-neck and solid pattern give this model a minimalist look.

Post-shower comfort doesn’t need to be fluffy. Consider a cotton robe. The material is breathable and light, making it ideal for warmer climates and keeping cool on a hot day. Plus, you can easily toss it in the wash.