Classic Jean Jackets for Women

These denim toppers go with any outfit.

Need a lightweight jacket that goes with any outfit and complements any style? Look to the jean jacket. Available in a variety of finishes, washes and cuts, the jean jacket has gone down as a cool-girl staple for decades. Keep reading for our denim picks.

Loads of Pockets

Pair this pale blue with darker denim for a cool contrast. Wrangler


Make denim-on-denim look put-together by combining different washes in the same outfit. Alternatively, channel the early aughts by pairing a light blue jean jacket with matching hip huggers or a denim miniskirt.

DIY Dream

Spice up your denim with fun patches and pins. Levi’s


A plain jean jacket is the perfect canvas for a growing pin and patch collection. Iron your biggest, brightest patch on the back, then scatter colorful pins along the front pockets to add a pop of personality to this classic piece.

Loads of Colors

If you’re feeling bold, this option also comes in bright aqua and fire-engine red. Riders by Lee Indigo


Denim jackets are perfect for layering—they’re lightweight enough to keep you from overheating, and they’re never bulky. A jacket with some stretch to the fabric makes it easy to toss on over your chunkiest sweater, or under a warmer coat.

Oversize Fit

This denim topper looks so cool hanging over a dress or shorts. Levi’s


A relaxed fit toughens up feminine florals and adds a grungy edge to a T-shirt and short-shorts. Don’t be afraid to stray from classic blue—blush, camo and black are just as versatile and are sure to make your outfit pop.

Classic Wash

If you’re petite, look for a style that ends at the waist, rather than the hip. Hollywood Star