Block UV Rays With These Sun Hats

A stylish way to get some extra SPF.

If you’re in a hot climate, it’s easy for your sunscreen to slip and slide off your face—and if you wear makeup, it’s a pain to reapply. That’s why a sun hat is a great second step after SPF—it shields your face from UV rays, and also protects the oft-forgotten scalp from burns.

Classic Shape

Available in 20 colorways. Lanzom


The level of sun protection in clothing is measured in a unit called UPF, or ultraviolet protection factor. You should look for a minimum of UPF 30 to keep your face and head protected from the sun’s rays. Densely woven fabrics, like straw and synthetic fibers such as polyester, typically offer more protection than lighter materials.

Outdoorsy Option

The drawstring in the back allows for a customizable fit. EINSKEY


If you’re spending a long day camping or on the water, look for a design with breathable mesh inserts and water-repellent material. It’s also helpful to find a hat that folds neatly in your backpack or tote bag.

Works With a Ponytail

Unlike most hats, you can wear this one over a bun or braid. Simplicity


If you live in a particularly scorching climate and don’t want to trap more heat on your head, consider a visor. They’re also great for people who prefer to wear their hair up.