How to Pick a Makeup Mirror that’ll Take Your Beauty Routine to the Next Level

From bright lights to super-magnification, the right mirror makes all the difference.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
How to Pick a Makeup Mirror that’ll Take Your Beauty Routine to the Next Level
Winged eyeliner just got a whole lot easier. Getty Images

If you’ve never had a tabletop vanity mirror before, we’ll let you in on a secret: They really are worth the counter space (and few extra bucks). Using a lighted mirror translates to sleeker brows, cleaner skin, better blending and amazing selfies.

This one runs on four AAA batteries.

Let’s face it: Lighted vanity mirrors used to look pretty clunky. But sleeker, more stylish options are finally out there. Ones you can actually put on your nightstand, a bookshelf, or—if you have the counter space—in your bathroom with pride. We like this one’s metallic rose gold finish and tablet-like shape.

Perfect size for a desk or nightstand.

A full-size, lighted vanity mirror is an influencer’s or performer’s dream. If you have the space for it, there are versions out there now that don’t need to be mounted on the wall and can fit on top of a even a small desk or dresser. We like this one because of its old-Hollywood style and lighting features. You can switch the light between cool white, soft daylight, natural light, or a warm glow and it has a dimmer, too.

Good for People With Glasses
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This mirror features a small tray at the base to hold your make-up tools while applying.

Anyone with a hefty glasses prescription knows that it can be tough to put your makeup on in a vertical mirror. Us myopic beauties need a tabletop mirror that can tilt and swivel so we can get up close and personal with it. Even girls with 20/20 vision could benefit from a mirror with good flexibility—it helps when applying lashes and detailed eyeliner looks.