3 T-Shirt Dresses More Comfortable than Those Pajamas You’re Wearing

More freeing than jeans and cuter than yoga pants, an affordable t-shirt dress will be your new go-to.

Loads of Colors & Patterns

This simple t-shirt dress holds great shape, but is loose enough to be comfy and forgiving. Amazon


This t-shirt dress comes in a great selection of colors and prints, with a little something for everyone’s preferred palette. It’s hard not to feel a little cuter padding around the house or neighborhood in slippers and a leopard print t-shirt dress.

Made in the USA

Who needs a purse anyways? Amazon


Is there anything more exciting than finding a comfy dress that actually has pockets? This one skims your body and comes in pretty shades like a deep forest green and stony blue-grey.

Stretchy Spandex

This dress floats down to your knees. Amazon


If most short dresses barely graze your mid-thigh, opt for one in a longer length, like this empire waist style. The elastic at the waist provides some shape but isn’t tight enough to cinch you in uncomfortably—and as a bonus, this dress has pockets too.