3 Styles of Pump Shoes to Comfortably Boost Your Style

Leave the flats at home and take charge in these killer heels.

byMaricar Santos| PUBLISHED Nov 26, 2019 3:48 PM
3 Styles of Pump Shoes to Comfortably Boost Your Style
If you’ve steered clear of stilettos because they’re brutal on your feet, these alternatives might convince you to give them another try. Freshh Connection/Unsplash

To quickly elevate an outfit, there’s nothing quite as effective as a good pair of pumps. Heading to a party after work and don’t have time to change your clothes? Slip into some sparkly stilettos to look more festive. Hoping to add a girlier touch to your casual jeans-and-tee-combo for a night out? Heels will make your ensemble dressier.

As magical as they are, there’s just one problem. Pumps are notoriously painful to wear.

But fortunately, not all of them deserve the bad rap. Below are three top-rated styles of pumps that are known for being comfy.

Round-toe heels are timeless.

You’ll look three inches taller in this simple yet elegant pair, but feel like you’re wearing lower heels, thanks to its genius .5-inch platform. Available in sizes four through 11, with narrow, wide and extra-wide options, you’re practically guaranteed a good fit.

Don’t be fooled by the pointed front. The toe box can accommodate wider feet.

These pointed-toe, strappy sandals are just as sexy as sky-high stilettos. But with their three-inch heel, foam insole and heel cushions, they’re so much kinder to your feet. Wear them with everything from cropped jeans and casual skirts to formal dresses. They’ll add edge to any look.

In a sea of solid-colored shoes, this suede-and-leather option truly stands out.

The retro, Mary Jane–style of these shoes don’t just add flair. The adjustable strap also prevents your feet from slipping out. With a not-too-high, not-too-low two-and-a-half-inch heel, a breathable footbed and cushioning to add stability, these can keep you comfy throughout the workday—or a night party.