Four Great Pairs of Birkenstock-Style Shoes

Want a pair of comfortable kicks you can seriously live in? Try a pair of one of these leather- and suede-like slip-ons.

There’s nothing more freeing than taking off a pair of uncomfortable shoes at the end of a long day. But of course, you can’t walk around barefoot forever. That’s why slip-on clogs and sandals are so great, especially in Birkenstock-inspired styles. We rounded up four of the most supportive shoes with footbeds designed to mold to your feet.

Rainbow of Color Options

Adjustable straps across the top make for a perfect fit. Amazon


The classic Birkenstock-style sandals you know and love, with two straps across the top and an open back for easy-on, easy-off. These have a footbed with a heel cup, toe bar and plenty of arch support for a cushioned, secure feel, so you know they will soon become your go-to pair of sandals.

Contoured Cork Footbed

These come in a variety of comfy and dependable materials. Amazon


If you love clogs, these comfy slip-ons are an ideal pick. The upper comes in a variety of suede and leathery finishes, with a hefty base of cork, a natural, sustainable material with plenty of give. Wear these year-round, with or without socks.

Loads of Sizes

Available in a range of fun colors! Amazon


Quality and comfort in a waterproof sandal?! Unlike a typical flip-flop, these have plenty of arch support to keep you feeling good even on longer walks, and feature a ridge toward the top to keep your toes from sliding around. They’re made with EVA, a man-made material that is odor-resistant, lightweight and washable.

Delicate Style

A cute toe loop adds to the playful style. Amazon


Because of the skinnier straps, these thong sandals have a more delicate feel than some of the sportier styles shown above. But don’t worry about the typical pain that comes with strappy shoes; according to the description, these straps are made out of a soft synthetic material to keep them from digging into your feet.