How to Buy the Right Hair Dryer

No matter what your hair type, a good dryer goes a long way. But which one is right for your thick/fine/flat/curly locks? Find out here.

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal|
How to Buy the Right Hair Dryer
We see more good hair days in your future. Getty Images

Frizz. Heat damage. Flyaways. Your hair dryer can either fight these things...or cause them. The right hair tool isn’t always the most expensive one—it just needs to have the power, tech and features to fit your hair needs. Let us help you find your perfect pick.

Has triple ceramic coating specifically made to reduce heat damage.

If frizz is the bane of your existence, look for a dryer with ceramic or tourmaline ionic technology to smooth things out and give your hair lots of shine. A dryer with a cool shot button, like this one, is also a big help: A blast of cool air at the end seals the hair follicle to keep it smooth.

There’s literally nothing easier than combing and drying at the same time, with a single tool.

When you get your hair professionally done, your stylist has the luxury of using two hands—one for the dryer and the other for the brush. Which is why it’s so tough to replicate that “out of the salon” look on yourself. Hot brush-and-dryer combos like this one dry, detangle and smooth while giving you volume.

A feather-light blower like this is key for thick hair that takes forever to dry.

If your crazy-thick locks take forever to dry and style, you need a dryer that doesn’t weigh a ton. (No more sore arms!) Look for something powerful but lightweight—this pick has 18 fan blades and an ultra-strong magnet motor meant to cut down on drying time.