The 4 Best Athletic Bags for Women Who Work Out

Need a well-constructed gym bag that looks great while holding all of your gear? Here are four stylish and budget-friendly options.

byAndrea Pyros| PUBLISHED Dec 10, 2019 6:18 PM
The 4 Best Athletic Bags for Women Who Work Out
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Gym bags take a serious beating. They’re tossed into your car or on the floor of public transportation, jammed into lockers, and loaded up with scuffed-up sneakers, sweaty clothes and leaky bottles of body wash. To keep your gym game on point, choose one of these athletic bags for women that are sturdy, stylish and made to handle all that wear and tear.

Side pockets hold water bottles or a smoothie.

This bag was clearly designed by people who go to the gym and know what’s up, because they’ve thought of everything, starting with an impressive number of pockets: eight. Yes, there’s a main compartment and then eight pockets, including one for shoes and another for wet clothing so the rest of your stuff doesn’t get soggy or smelly. It’s also extremely lightweight—1.1 pounds—and folds up small to save space when not in use.

Comes with lifetime warranty.

If you’re all about traveling light, this Adidas small duffel bag is perfect for your needs. Though it’s compact, it still has room to hold shoes, a towel and a change of clothing, plus handy side and front pockets for easy access. Nice extras include comfortable handles, an optional clip-on shoulder strap, and—yes—a lifetime warranty.

The breathable back keeps you comfortable and dry.

This crossbody backpack is an ideal companion on day hikes or for intrepid travelers: It evenly distributes weight for comfortable carrying and leaves your hands free. We love the extra room for a camera or tablet, the anti-theft interior pockets and a reversible shoulder strap so you can carry it on the side you prefer.

Stylish enough for the office or out on the town.

This nylon athletic bag has all the necessities you need, such as multiple pockets and a special spot between the handles to hold a yoga mat. It’s also extremely cute, so you can use it as your office bag or for meeting friends post-workout.