Three Sets of Artificial Flowers That Look Like the Real Deal

These three bouquets of faux flowers are always in bloom.

byTamara Palmer|
Three Sets of Artificial Flowers That Look Like the Real Deal
A burst of blooms is always cheerful, whether it’s real or faux. Homyu

Though it’s one of life’s great little luxuries, it can be tough to keep fresh flowers at home—they never last long, and can be prohibitively expensive if you’re not actually growing them in your own garden. A great alternative is to invest in realistic-looking artificial flowers; the faux blooms appear at their peak no matter what time of year. One of these bouquets is sure to be right for you and yours.

Over two dozen stems!

Silk is a great choice for realistic-looking faux flowers, and Mandy’s red poppies will look fresh and beautiful once placed in your favorite vase. This assortment comes with 30 pieces, so you can create multiple arrangements out of just one set, and you won’t have to water any of them!

Easy to maintain!

If you’ve ever owned and maintained a Japanese bonsai plant or an orchid flower, you know that they tend to need almost as much attention as a newborn in order to thrive. But this beautiful artificial orchid bonsai is the definition of low maintenance—make that no maintenance.

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90% Silk
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Bendable stems are versatile.

Real chrysanthemums last for mere moments, but Homyu’s faux chrysanthemum balls will keep indefinitely as long as you shield them from getting hit with dust and dirt. Whether arranged in a vase or strewn in a basket, they have a good chance of fooling your guests who don’t actually touch them.