The Best Amethyst Crystal Jewelry for Women

These necklaces are the ultimate statement piece, offering style and spiritual protection in one.

Amethyst Crystal Jewelry
Give the gift of style and spirituality.Getty Images

Wearing a beautiful Amethyst is not just about fashion. These powerful stones are meant to bring peace, calm and financial stability while protecting and encouraging spirituality from those wearing them. Discover a necklace that incorporates an amethyst in a way that best matches your personal style with our unique picks.

Full Wire Wrap Raw Amethyst Stone Pendant Necklace

Full Wire Wrap Raw Amethyst Stone Pendant Necklace Natural Healing Chakra Crystals
Doubtful that you’ll need it, but this piece offers a 90-day money back guarantee.BOUTIQUELOVIN

This handcrafted necklace features a large pendant stone that measures around 15-23mm(W) and 22-42mm(L) off a 30 inch long chain. Buy one for yourself, gift another to a friend and chances are you’ll have two slightly different looks. Each stone is a natural, uncut piece so variations in color, size and shape are possible. The gold wire wrapping around the stone creates a boho vibe, making it great for layering—and of course standing out on its own.

Purple Butterfly Necklace Amethyst Pink Pendant

Purple Butterfly Necklace Amethyst Pink Pendant Women Necklace Made with Swarovski Crystals
A special piece, reminding you to always spread your wings and fly.GEMMANCE

Everything about this unique necklace screams elegance. The “Spread Your Wings” design features a dark pink amethyst cut into a butterfly adorned—in a criss-cross style—with a hollow butterfly frame covered in Swarovski crystals. This butterfly design emulates love and joy, making it the perfect gift to remind yourself or loved ones that you’re all special.

Healing Crystal Necklace

BEADNOVA Healing Crystal Necklace for Women
Made from high-quality, surgical stainless steel, which is comfortable for sensitive skin.BEADNOVA

This beautiful and simple pendant taps into amethysts’ healing powers. This natural pendant can be worn as part of a meditation or Reiki session or simply provide balance and Chakra cleansing. The pendant size is measured in 62mm x 9mm with an 18” necklace chain. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, it can ease tension, bring on a sense of calm and make a memorable fashion statement.