Three Great Gifts for a Taurus Teen

Show your headstrong teen some love.

This Earth sign is ruled by the planet Venus—so not only is your teenage Taurus headstrong, she also has a deep appreciation for beauty, luxury and comfort. We rounded up three gifts that will make this star sign smile.

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Available in gold and silver. HUTINICE


A zodiac sign says more than a name, doesn’t it? This necklace will let your teen show their sign faster than they can whip out their phone and add their friends on Co-Star.

Unisex Design

This style goes with everything. Hamoery


If dainty jewelry isn’t your teen’s thing, opt for this simple braided leather bracelet with an alloy clasp. Remember, these bracelets aren’t adjustable, so if you want to surprise your teen with it, measure their existing bracelets or have them try on yours to eyeball the size.

Hypoallergenic Materials

The size adjusts to fit most. Aurora Tears


This dainty adjustable ring adds the prettiest bit of sparkle. Plus, it comes in a gift box with a velvet bag, so it’s gift-ready the moment it arrives.