BFF Necklaces and 7 of the Other Saddest Secondhand Jewelry Ever Resold Online

Forever just got a whole lot shorter. Engagement rings, best friend hearts and other symbols of eternal love are up for sale all over the internet.

When I was in fourth grade, Gail Bayarin and I got best friend hearts. She had the “Be Fri” side, and I had “St Nds.” Not long after getting our necklaces, we got into a fight, about what I can’t remember. But I do remember that I took off the necklace while Gail was watching, and she responded by doing the same. (Preteens are gangster.) Turns out, had we been a bit older—and had the charms been real gold and the internet existed in the 1980s—we might have made a pretty penny from our tarnished friendship on resale sites like The RealReal, Vestiaire and other luxury-secondhand-goods shops, which feature a wide array of previously owned sacred jewels. If you’re looking for a deal and the thought of someone else’s misery doesn’t bum you out, feast your eyes on these babies!

1. Go Big or Go Home

Woman wearing a giant hat drinking from a mug
Or buy a home for what you would spend on a used, 5-carat David Yurman engagement ring for sale at The RealReal. Did the couple break up? Did they fall on hard times? And if you’ve got more than a quarter of a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket, would you really buy secondhand? Still, if secondhand luxury engagement rings are your bag, TRR is lousy with diamonds. Unsplash/Jose Martinez Unsplash/Jose Martinez

2. Best Frenemies

Two women in a pool
Boy, do we have questions. This cute 14k gold half heart on The RealReal was presumably part of a set. Where is the other half? Who currently has the Be Fri? And does that person know that the St Nds was not only put up for sale by their onetime best friend but sold?!? Are the original Be Fri owner and the new St Nds buyer karmically linked? Are they best friends now?!? Our heads hurt. Pexels Pexels

3. Roller Coaster of Emotion

Family on a roller coaster
Fingers crossed that whoever consigned this rose gold “Happy” necklace only did it only because they upgraded to a diamond-encrusted “Elated!” necklace. Otherwise, sad. Unsplash/Chris Slupski Unsplash/Chris Slupski

4. Key to My Broken Heart

Pink broken heart
A diamond-encrusted Tiffany key—as in, “to my heart”—pendant will typically run a romantic gift-giver about $2,500—and no, a chain to hang it on is not included. One ex-lover is selling her used key on Vide Dressing and asking 2,265 euros, which is pretty much full retail price. The same seller is also hawking an Agent Provocateur bra and panty set (new, with tags). Apparently, she has no use for them anymore. Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema

5. Family Ties

Woman holding a baby in a Superman outfit
Annnnnd…we have a winner. Whether it’s a family falling out or a financial crisis, we feel for the mom who’s selling off this Jennifer Meyer “Mummy” necklace. It’s the 14 karat gold equivalent of your mom throwing out that clay ashtray you made her in art class. Unsplash/Valeria Zoncoll Unsplash/Valeria Zoncoll

6. Achy Breaky Heart

Silver ring on a book
Pam on The Office said it best: “Heart-shaped jewelry is not something that a woman buys for herself.” Which means that someone spent thousands on this Barbie-rific white gold-and-diamond Chopard heart ring—and now the recipient is selling it off for pennies on the dollar. Pexels Pexels

7. G’Bye, Bride

Bride running down a dirt trail
This very sweet Nora Kogan enamel “Mrs.” ring is instantly less depressing if you convince yourself that the person selling it is simply a person named Monica Renée Salinger who outgrew monogram jewelry—and nota runaway bride. Unsplash/Kenny Luo Unsplash/Kenny Luo

8. Love Bangle

Two bridesmaids holding hands
Cartier Love bracelets are iconic, and pretty much everyone named Kardashian or Jenner has one, including Kylie’s daughter, Stormi. A love bracelet with diamonds typically retails about 10 grand, but you can nab this one on consignment—apparently sold off by an ex-partner no longer in love?—for the lowly price of $7,900. Unsplash/James Bold Unsplash/James Bold