How A Pack of Conversation Starter Cards Can Bring You Closer Together

From creating more intimacy with your partner to going deep with your besties—a little deck of these cards lets everyone open up and have a good time.

Conversation starter cards are a fun (and surprisingly non-cheesy!) way to spend quality time with your family and friends. Pull one at the breakfast table, before bed or when there’s nothing new to watch on Netflix—and get closer to the people you love most.

Thought Provoking Questions for Close Friends

This soulful deck features 56 different questions. Amazon


Our views are constantly shifting and evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with where your friends and loved ones stand. With four categories—Connect, Gratitude, Compassion and Insight—pull a card to start a dialogue using poignant yet simple questions that reveal much about your conversation partner’s current state of mind. The author of this pack, Theo Koffler, is the founder and executive director of Mindfulness Without Borders, an organization that provides mindfulness and social intelligence programs to schools and workplaces.

Naughty Questions and Games

Incites a new level of closeness. Amazon


Wondering how far your partner will take a sexy dare? Try pulling from the playful questions in this set’s “Talk,” “Flirt” or “Dare” stacks. “Talk” is the most G-rated and silly, with questions like, “If your partner was to go on a reality show, which one do you think it would be?” The “Flirt” and “Dare” stacks heat things up by encouraging an open conversation about each other’s turn-ons and even solo activities!

Deep Questions for Couples

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Communication issues are a driving force in why many couplings don’t succeed. This set tackles all facets of a relationship, from intimate questions such as, “What does your partner do that lets you know you’re loved?” to the funny, yet revealing kind, like, “What’s the biggest laugh we’ve shared?”