The 20 Most Impressive Company Lactation Lounges in the U.S.

More and more companies are creating swanky and serene rooms that allow their working mom employees to breast-pump in peace.

If the Fair Labor Standards Act, which took effect in 2010, requires companies to provide time and a private space for new mothers to breast-pump at work, why are we still hearing horror stories years later? Pumping in bathrooms and dirty supply closets, being walked in on by coworkers and even male colleagues stealing breastmilk are all real and incredibly stressful situations that working moms continue to endure.

However, today’s best companies know the secret to success (and employee retention!) is to make sure new mothers return to work happy, healthy and fully supported. One easy way to do that? Keep them comfortable while they pump. With everything from hospital-grade equipment to massage chairs, the companies below have created luxurious and serene spaces that allow moms to privately pump in peace. Here’s what you will find at some of the swankiest lactation lounges in the country: