Smart, Programmable Pet Feeders to Keep Fido’s and Felix’s Bellies Full

Set it and forget it with these totally paw-some picks.

byCarla Sosenko|
Smart, Programmable Pet Feeders to Keep Fido’s and Felix’s Bellies Full
So they nibble at their own food—not yours!. Pexels

Does your kitty or pup tell you they’re hungry by smothering you in kisses? (Aww.) At 5 a.m.? (Not so aww.) A programmable pet feeder can schedule multiple pre-portioned meals, so you’ll rest easy if you won’t be home in time for dinner or just don’t feel like getting out of bed. Some models even let you record a message to play for your furbaby, regulate how fast your pet eats and control the contraption remotely with your phone. We sort of wish they made a human version.

Good for Multiple Animals
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This 24-cup model works with dry or semi-wet morsels for canines or felines. If your little guy tends to eat too quickly, you can program the device to dispense over 15 minutes, slowing them down.

If you’ve got more than one pet, you don’t necessarily need multiple devices. Some feeders sell a cost-saving meal-splitter accessory, so two animals can eat from the same dispenser. Paw-fect.

Worth the Splurge
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This app-controllable pick is worth it when you consider the perks: It pings your phone when it’s low on kibble, has multiple speed options, lets you schedule up to 12 meals at a time, has dishwasher-safe parts, can be set to automatically reorder food...the list goes on!

A smartphone-compatible feeder is a must-have for anyone with an erratic schedule or who travels a lot. No more having to rush home in time to feed your pet when you can control the flow of food with the touch of your screen.

Sends Personal Messages
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This metes out kibble for your best friend like other models but also lets you pre-tape a voicemail that plays when it’s chow time. Some anxious kitties or pups won’t eat unless Mom or Dad is around, so this is a purr-fect solution.

A stay-fresh top lid is a crucial feature if you’re planning to fill your feeder with a lot of food (certain models have a week’s-worth capacity). It means kibble won’t go stale, so you won’t end up wasting it—or your money.