How to Pick the Perfect Dog Bed for Your Pooch

Whether your pet needs joint support or could use some extra calm, a great dog bed can do more than just serve as a home base for your little buddy. Discover which option is right for you.

byTamara Palmer| PUBLISHED Apr 15, 2020 6:19 PM
How to Pick the Perfect Dog Bed for Your Pooch
Give your pup the comfort he craves with these snuggly dog beds. Christian Domingues, Pexels

The best dog bed will not be the same for every breed—it really depends on your pup’s size, personality and physical needs. Read on to help find the one that will be right for your four-legged family member.

A cute, cozy pick both you and your pup will appreciate.

This plush, donut-shaped dog bed made out of vegan material suits dogs who like to curl up rather than spread out when they sleep. A raised rim is meant to reduce anxiety levels and impart a sense of control. Plus there’s plenty of room to burrow.

Therapeutic Pick
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This model is especially great for mature animals who need more joint support.

Is your dog a restless sleeper? Memory foam, which contours to your dog’s body for extra support, might help him achieve better quality rest. The bolsters that surround this bed also give your pooch a comforting ledge to rest on, which may reduce anxiety.

Easy to Clean
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The extra-large pad accommodates furry friends of up to 120 pounds

This platform-style option is super tricked out. Not only is it equipped with supportive memory foam, it also has a removable cover that’s easy to machine wash and includes a squeaky toy for a little fun before bedtime.

Also Consider
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Comes in seven sizes and three colors to fit your pet and your decor.

This soft and cozy plush bed is shaped especially well for crates, if your dog happens to call one home. Besides being attractive, we also like that this bed is washable and has a one-year warranty, in case something unexpectedly destructive happens to it.