High-Quality Dog Treats That Will Please Your Pooch

Man’s best friend deserves the best in their daily diet.

byShea Duncan|
High-Quality Dog Treats That Will Please Your Pooch
Get your pup’s tail wagging with these treats. Pexels

Who’s a good boy? Your pup. And good boys deserve good food. Just because your dog will eat anything, it doesn’t mean they should. Keep your pooch’s tail wagging by remembering the following when buying treats.

Tasty chews that help prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

Does your pooch have a bad case of dog breath? Consider treating your nose, as well as your dog, with dental treats. Just be sure to consider your dog’s weight when purchasing treats—most brands make treats in a variety of sizes and concentrations so as not to overwhelm your pup’s digestive system.

These soft bites have less than three calories per kibble, so you don’t have to worry about overfeeding.

Small, inactive or elderly dogs can put on extra weight more easily than you think. So it makes sense to choose treats that won’t throw your pup’s diet balance out of whack. Puppies and outdoor dogs burn more fuel every day than lap dogs who spend a lot of time napping. So serve the latter smaller treats or break up larger ones into multiple portions to keep their energy in balance.

Slow-cooked, sliced meat your pooch will drool over.

Veterinarians recommend feeding your dogs the highest quality food you can afford. Just like with human food, a shorter ingredient list typically means a dog food is less processed and contains fewer preservatives and fillers. So consider giving the label on your dog treats a glance before tossing them in your cart.