Great Options for a Cleaner Litter Box

One even does all the cleaning work for you.

One major benefit of cats, compared with other pets we won’t name, is that they instinctively want to use their own toilet—a litter box—rather than leaving you to pick up after them. But they aren’t always incredibly tidy with their business. Luckily, there are advances in litter box technology that can mitigate the messiness and any odors.

Great Value

An ammonia blocker keeps things fresh for seven days. Purina Tidy Cats


We’re all used to the clay or paper-based litter, which cats tend to kick out of the box and can get smelly if left too long. The Tidy Cats Breeze system is a totally new setup: it uses dehydrating pellets instead of litter, which are laid on top of a grid. Waste goes right through the pellets and ends up soaked into a deodorizing pad, which you replace about once a week or so. It costs more than bulk litter, but it does a fantastic job at keeping odors under wraps.

Clean and Simple

Cats deserve bathroom privacy, too. IRIS USA, Inc.


Cats are mid-level predators, which means that while they do hunt, there are larger animals that will hunt them, too. That also means that when they’re in vulnerable situations, like when going to the bathroom, they can get a little nervous. A top-entry litter box like this one from Iris could provide the privacy and security your cat needs. Plus, because it has such high walls, it minimizes the scattering of litter all over your floor.

Hands-Off Design

No need to scoop with this robotic setup. PetSafe


There are few things less pleasant than the daily scooping of a cat’s litter box. But there are solutions for that. How about a nice robot toilet? This PetSafe litter box automatically scoops on a regular basis, meaning that all you have to do is empty the storage canister every couple of weeks. It also uses a crystalline litter, which has powerful dehydrating qualities to remove the moisture—and thus the odor—from waste. It also, in case you’re curious, tracks your cat’s activities, so you can make sure they’re using the box enough, and not too much.