Dog Leashes for Your Very Good Boy

Taking your dog on a walk isn’t always a walk in the park, but finding the right leash should be.

byShea Duncan|
Dog Leashes for Your Very Good Boy
Keep your pooch comfortably clipped in at public parks and on long neighborhood walks. Pexels

There are almost as many dog leash options as there are types of dogs. If you’re overwhelmed with the choices, here are three important factors to consider.

Made with half-inch diameter rock climbing rope to keep a pup who likes to pull safe and secure.

The most important thing to consider is your dog’s size and strength and how that will affect your walks. A bigger dog who likes to bolt may snap a lighter leash, while a smaller, low-energy dog may be overwhelmed by the weight of a thicker leash. Additionally, dogs who chew on their leash will need leashes made out of durable materials. Consider metal chain leashes, and definitely avoid leather. Dogs who are prone to dirtying a leash will need one that is easily washable. Consider a nylon leash, which won’t hold bad smells like leather.

This 16 foot option is great for well-behaved or low-energy pets, especially on the small side.

Your dog’s obedience level is another important factor in your leash purchasing decision. Some trainers advise against retractable leashes because they teach the dog to take the lead, but retractable leashes can offer a nice range of freedom for well-behaved or low-energy dogs.

If you have multiple pets, this specialized lead can accommodate a pair.

Your walking and lifestyle preferences should also be considered when buying a dog leash. If you own more than one dog, you might consider a dual dog leash. If you like to take the dog out at night, reflective threads will help with visibility. For city dwellers, having a traffic handle (a second handle that can quickly pull dogs away from incoming traffic) may be helpful. Harnesses are especially effective to help control big dogs or if you run with your dog. For the environmentally-conscious dog owner, there are plenty of upcycled leashes to choose from as well.