Comfortable Yoga Ball Office Chairs

If normal office chairs wreak havoc on your back, look into a yoga ball chair.

Woman at a desk
Stay active even during your desk job.Bongkarn Thanyakij, Pexels

Everyone knows that sitting in a chair all day is terrible for our backs—but if you work a desk job, it usually can’t be avoided. Ease back pain with these yoga ball desk chairs. They’re ergonomic, comfortable and surprisingly fun to sit on. Just be sure to still get up and stretch or walk around every once in a while to get your blood flowing.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

A Classic Ball Chair

The yoga ball is removable, so you can use it for actual workouts!Gaiam

Already one of the most trusted names in at-home yoga gear, Gaiam has raised the bar with this super cool yoga ball and office chair combination. Here, a standard-sized removable Gaiam yoga ball rests on a chair frame so you can improve your posture when you’re not working on your yoga moves. The set includes a pump for easy inflation, and the yoga ball comes in eight attractive colors to coordinate with your home office decor.

PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support

Easy to Assemble

Just pump up the ball and wait 24 hours for it to reach its maximum size of 2o inches in diameter.PharMeDoc

This chair’s removable back makes it super easy to store if your home office is more of a makeshift desk situation, and the lockable wheels will keep it in place. Simply inflate the ball with the included hand pump, wait 24 hours and enjoy your new office perch.

Safco Polyester Mesh Zenergy Ball Chair, Orange

Keep Your Focus

Small movements can actually help improve concentration.Safco

Similar to fidget devices, the small, repetitive movements that come from sitting in yoga ball office chairs can make it easier to focus. This chair can be adjusted to two different heights: 20 inches off the ground, or 23 inches so both your feet and legs are elevated.